Journey to the Beach

This post will be the first of many to document my journey to getting my dream Beach House.

I have always wanted to retire by the beach. I am 40 and needed to start my retirement plan. Yes, I know I am behind the curve on this. Anyways, I have had my eyes and ears open for a year looking for the “right” place, property, whatever you want to call it. I talked about this with my grandfather a lot before he passed away. He told me “The right one will come a long and you will know it when it does, and don’t pass up the opportunity!” Well, I was perusing the interwebs and looking at and a new suggestion popped up on my saved search. It was where I wanted, the lot was bigger than most and cheaper than those with the same square footage. I started doing some digging around and found this lot was recently foreclosed on, and the prior owner was “James Edward XXXXX”. I knew then that was my sign! My grandfather passed last month his name was “James Edward ZZZZZZ”. How could I not put an offer in? So, that is exactly what I did. I emailed the listing agent on July 4th, letting them know I was interested and what we needed to do to get the ball rolling. Needless to say July 5th I had an offer in and the seller accepted it, so I am now in contract to buy this lot!

I am so excited. I have stared at the closing portal every day!

With that being said, I have started my “To Do:” list. Once I close on the land all the things I need to do. This will be documented because I have found it very hard to find the resources I need, so hopefully, I can help the next person trying to do the same.

  1. Boundry Survey – to determine when my lot starts and ends
  2. Elevation Survey – to determine my BFE (Base Flood Elevation) to figure out what the lowest level of my future home can be at and be insured by FEMA
  3. Mow/Clear off the land
  4. Landfill – clay dirt to build up lot
  5. Gravel/Sand fill – driveway and RV/house
  6. Fence
  7. Water – Well or City
  8. Sewer – aerobic septic or city
  9. Electric – Solar or city
  10. Internet – Satelite or Fiber
  11. Purchase RV
  12. Pick out housing plans
  13. Start building home

I have gone on rambling enough with all my excitement. Stay tuned for the following Journey updates…

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