Beach Babble

  • Forgiveness

    In my journey to forgiveness I work daily through my thoughts and feeling to forgive my mother. Forgiveness is a part of our spiritual health. Whether we choose to forgive someone or not it is only going to affect how we feel about ourselves. Forgiving the person does not have an effect on the person Read More

  • Journey to the Beach

    This post will be the first of many to document my journey to getting my dream Beach House. I have always wanted to retire by the beach. I am 40 and needed to start my retirement plan. Yes, I know I am behind the curve on this. Anyways, I have had my eyes and ears Read More

  • A Much Needed Vacation

    June 2022 Family- Family should be the single most important thing in life. They are with you from the time you enter this world and hopefully till the time you exit.This month has been a trying one. Randy, my oldest (20) had reconstructive surgery on his ears again at the end of May. That story Read More