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Random 1 gemstone draw.

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Random 1 gemstone draw.

Blue Sandstone means new beginnings and success. You can use the healing crystals to fuel your ambition or business venture. Simply place some tumbled stones in your bag to carry them everywhere.

You can also use Blue Goldstone to manifest your intentions. The gemstone balances your chakras to facilitate self-acceptance, relieve stress, help you speak your truth freely, and increase focus.

Blue Sandstone is also associated with the crown chakra. Your crown chakra may be blocked if you feel out of touch with reality or unwilling to accept new ideas. Placing Blue Sandstone and Clear Quartz stones under your pillow while you sleep can help ignite your spiritual connection.

Blue Sandstone also works on the third eye chakra. You can pair it with a strong third eye chakra stone like Amethyst to facilitate your third eye chakra meditation.

Wearing a beaded bracelet with this gemstone can be a great way to be more confident in the decisions you make. Thanks to its high-frequency vibrations, you can pair Blue Goldstone with Green Aventurine to attract good energy, luck, and success in all enterprises of your life.

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